Starbucks Is Giving Away Free Cups of Coffee. Here’s How to Get Yours.

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For a while now, Starbucks has been in the works to provide a more environmentally-friendly coffee chain that eliminates as much plastic as possible.

Considering a cleaner Earth starts with more green, Starbucks has an incentive for coffee lovers to cut down on plastic.

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In celebration of Earth Day and the move towards nixing plastic, the iconic coffee shops are offering enough stars to score you a free drink for anyone who orders with a reusable coffee cup in stores twice!

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The first time you use your refillable coffee cup, Starbucks will place 25 bonus stars in your account, aside from the usual one to two stars that are typically a package deal with every order.

And let’s just point out that 25 stars alone can get you free customization such as an extra shot of espresso!

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The second time you bring in another reusable, Starbucks is offering 50 stars at your disposable which means the third cup of coffee is completely FREE; and let’s not forget about that 10 cent discount!

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Beginning this Friday, April 22 in honor of Earth Day, Starbucks wants to put a free drink in your hand when you bring in your at-home tumbler twice when ordering, just make sure to walk in stores to get the promo deal!

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In fact, Starbucks knows that the need for energy throughout the day simply doesn’t start and end with one cup of coffee, which means customers can take advantage of the 25 star bonus up to three times per day!

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Plus, according to a Starbucks spokesperson who confirmed to Food & Wine, the new bonus program is here to stay, permanent in fact.

Hello free coffee; count us in!

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