You Can Get A Starbucks Glass Mug Complete With A Gold Beaded Handle To Cheer Your Way Into The New Year

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Christmas is over and the next holiday in line is New Years Eve, 6 more days until the new year, but who’s counting?! Sike, that’ll be everyone.

Normal New Year’s Eve traditions are out of the question this year but that doesn’t mean the night still can’t sparkle and if Starbucks has anything to do with it, the popular coffee chain has the perfect mug to “cheers” your way into the new year with this festive holiday cup.


Introducing the perfect glass mug for just the right amount of coffee or wine to pour on New Years Eve night when you’re counting down the minutes until 2021.

Courtesy of Ebay

This Starbucks cup is inspired by the sky up above with silver, white, and gold stars and moons painted around the mug.

Courtesy of Ebay

This holiday glass cup also includes a gold beaded handle making it the mug’s best feature and worthy of a New Year’s Eve photo!

Courtesy of Ebay

You can currently find the star studded and glitter filled Starbucks glass mug for $43 on Ebay!

Courtesy of Ebay

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