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Starbucks Has Glass Tumblers That Are Topped With A Gold Crown For The Princess In Your Life

Calling all Queens! Starbucks has a new glass tumblr and I am so here for it!

The Starbucks 2020 holiday collection is everything you could ever wish for in a Starbucks cup, but let me put you guys on this new gem from Starbucks.

Starbucks is calling it the royal cold cup and they’re popping up at many Starbucks locations in China but don’t panic, you can still get the new tumblr cup here in the United States when you purchase it on Ebay!

The royal cold cup is finished with an iridescent mermaid-like design and of course, a gold crown on the top for a lid and completed with a clear straw.

This just might be the best Starbucks tumblr I’ve ever seen yet and that’s a lot to say especially since the popular coffee chain dropped their new line of color changing cups this year!

Courtesy of Ebay

You can get the royal gold crown cup here on Ebay.

I’ll just leave this here and oh, you’re welcome! Now excuse me while I go buy myself this very fitting Starbucks gold crown cup!

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