Starbucks Has A Sweet Potato Gold Frappuccino and I Need to Head To Japan Try It

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Move over Pumpkin Spice! The new Frappuccino craze might just be the Sweet Potato Gold Frappuccino.

We all know the obsession that is the Pumpkin Spice Latte. It is a fall MUST HAVE, and for many, it signals the start of the holiday season.

But, I just HAVE to try one of these Sweet Potato Gold Frappuccinos!

There is only one problem … it’s available exclusively in Japan.


What kind of mess is that?!?

That’s almost reason enough to pack my bags, and make the trek across the globe.


Instead of pumpkin, this new fall favorite is flavored with … you guessed it … sweet potatoes.


While the sweet potato is most definitely a fall flavor, it isn’t one we necessarily associate with a lot of desserts.

I do love a good sweet potato pie, but it pales in the U.S. popularity that is the pumpkin pie.


Japanese culture has a good reason for loving this Sweet Potato Gold Frappuccino, however.

Imo Kenpi is a traditional Japanese snack that resembles a french fry, but is actually candied sweet potato strips. It is crunchy, sweet, and a bit hard like candy.


The new Frappuccino is supposed to be reminiscent of imo kenpi. In fact, word has it, there is actually ground up imo kenpi in the drink itself!


I mean, I want to try a Frappuccino designed around imo kenpi! It sounds like heaven in a cup!!


So, how do you get one of these glorious drinks? Well, you go to Japan. Otherwise, I suppose you could let Starbucks know that we need this fall favorite over here!


Happy fall, ya’ll! And, enjoy that Sweet Potato Gold Frappuccino, you lucky ones that can get one!


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