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Starbucks Is Closing 100 Locations In The U.S. Here’s What We Know.

Starbucks is planning on closing 100 stores in the United States, but before you panic, read on.

At face value, I started to hyperventilate when I found out Starbucks was closing stores. I already have to drive 35 minutes to get my beloved caramel macchiato, I don’t want to have to drive EVEN FURTHER!

But, the good news is, the closures are expected to occur in crowded metropolitan areas — which means they are probably areas that already have a Starbucks on every corner.

This isn’t a bad closing — like it isn’t related to this dadgum pandemic. They are closing stores to try and streamline business, and angle things more towards the needs of consumers.

You know, like about 15 years ago, when all the Starbucks stores started to go to drive-thru locations. They saw a need and a desire in consumer activity, and they took the opportunity to adjust their stores, and the way they made and sold product.

Things have come a LONG way since I worked at Starbucks in 2000. They used to pride themselves on being the “third place” between work and home. They wanted to be that place where people would go to congregate, drink some coffee, have a chat, sit and relax.

Then they adjusted their business model, and went to a more fast-food style climate. We saw drive-thru locations popping up everywhere in lieu of the sit-down atmosphere that Starbucks had previously wanted.

NOW, Starbucks is “clearing the way for the development of new, more efficient retail store formats that cater the (sic) customers’ increasing desire for convenience, while also improving trade area profitability.”

They have seen a jump in the number of to-go orders in locations throughout the US. My husband, who currently works at Starbucks, says they do way more Mobile Order business than standard walk-in business, so I am assuming that is the model that Starbucks is going to strive for.

Nope, this isn’t a result of the changing environment of the pandemic. This shift in the structure of how things run was plotted and planned before the world shut down.

So, before you panic about the 100 Starbucks store closures, know that this probably isn’t going to affect your morning coffee very much. They are just clearing the way for new and better things.

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Friday 6th of November 2020

I love so much startbucks caffee and I hope to open the one in my town in Algeria