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Starbucks Is Offering 50% Off Drinks Right Now

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If you thought the Pumpkin Spice Latte couldn’t get any better this year, think again!

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Thanks to Starbucks, on top of sipping straight pumpkin form a certain cold brew, the coffee chain has enlightened coffee drinkers with a new deal that’s nearly impossible to refuse.

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So how does 50% off coffees sound to fuel your caffeine fix?

Courtesy of @starbucks

That’s right, Starbucks is offering half off drinks which means the PSL should taste even better than it does now!

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Now if I guessed right, your next thought is probably asking how to get this deal so here are the details.

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To snag the deal, select Starbucks Rewards Members can check the app to see if they received the half-off coupon.

Courtesy of @deserthomestyle

The offer is available now through tomorrow September 21 for 50% off all handcrafted drinks.

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So everyone check their Starbucks app in three, two, one, go!

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