Is Starbucks Still Launching Halloween Cups This Year?

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Starbucks Launches are THE BEST! It’s like Christmas, no matter the season!

The Fall 2021 Starbucks Launch just dropped this Tuesday, but customers are already asking about the beloved Halloween cups that Starbucks sells each year.

Last year’s launch was PHENOMINAL! I actually went out of my way to find some of these cups last year! So if you’re like me, you can’t WAIT to get your hands on whatever they have in store for us this year!

Well, I have good and bad news. The good news is that yes, there WILL be a Halloween collection just like every other year. They usually sell this merchandise a few weeks after the Fall Collection drops.

The bad-ish news is that, so far, there’s not a specific date. We also haven’t gotten a sneak peek of this year’s cups yet. But know that it IS indeed coming.

We’re guessing that there will be another 6-pack of reusable cups, a glow-in-the-dark option, and lots of dark purple, since they seem to enjoy that trend. Also, these usually pop up first inside of Targets.

So attempt to be patient, keep your eyes peeled, and let us know if you see anything! Happy hunting!

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