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Starbucks Has A New Pumpkin Carriage Mug And It’s Giving Me Cinderella Vibes

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Now tell me if I’m wrong, but this Starbucks mug might just be the perfect set up to drink my morning coffee with.

Courtesy of Ebay

Let me set the scene for you, there’s no reason not to feel glamorous every time you sip out of this Starbucks cup because let me just say that this mug, gives out some serious Cinderella vibes.


You all remember the pumpkin carriage Cinderella’s fairy godmother gave to Cinderella, so she could attend the ball right? Well, tell me this mug from Starbucks isn’t just exactly that!

The pumpkin carriage, coffee holding mug is white with gold notes detailed around the mug and of course, a gold handle too.

Plus, this mug even has a lid to keep your coffee warm throughout the day just incase you catch yourself staring at the design, more than actually drinking your coffee!

Courtesy of Ebay

I say this because I’ll most likely be taking pictures with the mug instead of drinking from it.

Courtesy of Ebay

You can currently get the Cinderella inspired mug off Ebay for around $70 just in time to re-watch the movie before Halloween rolls around.

It can be a Cinderella inspired movie night!

Courtesy of Ebay

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