Starbucks Released A Rainbow Diamond Studded Tumbler That Is Absolutely Gorgeous

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Starbucks does a fabulous job designing tumblers that make you stop twice in the store.

Let me set the picture for you.

You’re walking into Starbucks to get your daily iced coffee (with an extra shot of espresso of course) and out of the corner of your eye, you catch a glimpse of something blinding from the side of what looks like a new Starbucks tumbler!

Courtesy of Ebay

You stop, you ponder, you order your drink and then you stand next to the shiny new cold cup because it is beautiful.

Courtesy of Ebay

Introducing Starbuck’s purple diamond studded tumbler!

Courtesy of Ebay

This tumbler is every shade of the rainbow with a glistening white studded straw to complete the look.


It doesn’t matter how you angle this 24 ounce tumbler, every turn will catch the sun’s rays so it can glisten during the day until the sun sets.


You can currently get this glistening Starbucks tumbler that brings the rainbow to your coffee table on Ebay for $84.99!


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  1. I like the Slick 240z Rainbow Tumbler can y’all write me and let me know how much it is and if y’all monogram it and how much it will be if y’all monogrammed it