Starbucks Released New Cups and They Make Me Ready for Spring

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It seems like Winter just started but Starbucks is already thinking ahead because Starbucks Released New Cups and They Make Me Ready for Spring.

Yes, while most stores are trying to clear our their remaining holiday cup collection, some stores are already bringing in the new, floral designs that seem to be for Spring.

People are finding new cups like these Cherry Blossom glittered tumblers…

People have begun finding cups with flowers, glitter and all sorts of Spring color in Starbucks stores.

Oh, and these new vacuum insulated tumblers… Ahhh I need that mint one!!


There is even a rose gold tumbler with a mint straw (yes, it comes like that).

Credit: Adriana Wilson

And this iridescent mermaid scale tumbler is purely gorgeous.

Credit: Lea Naj
Credit: Adriana Wilson

Keep in mind, these may all not be in-store yet near you but the rumor is, these will be released in Starbucks stores on Monday, December 9th. At least that is what Barista’s have been telling customers.

Keep your eyes peeled for all of these new cups. I know I will be!

Credit: Nissie Marie

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  1. When does Starbucks normally come out with new merch? Like when will the next come out and what would they look like?