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Starbucks Released Tim Singleton Pride Cups and They Are Giving Lisa Frank Vibes

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Have you ever wondered what the cups would look like if Starbucks and Lisa Frank collaborated?

Well, stop wondering because we may soon have the answer right in our hands and keeping our favorite beverages cold…


Starbucks has begun releasing Tim Singleton Pride Cups just in time for summer and they are just screaming Lisa Frank Vibes.


Who is Tim Singleton?

Tim Singleton is a visual designer and illustrator that creates art using neon color palettes and pop culture infused imagery.

So, as you can imagine, these cups are colorful works of art.

Now, these cups are supposed to be part of a 2023 Summer Cup Release but nothing official from Starbucks has actually been announced.

Some people are already finding them in-stores in Canada and in the US (see the images below) RIGHT NOW.

Other rumors say the official release date is May 30, 2023.


Now of course, there are already people selling these cups on various websites like etsy and eBay so overall, the cups do actually exist they are just going to be hard to find.

Ahhh I am loving this rainbow gradient cup. So pretty!

And this one. OMG stunning!

Again, no official information on a release date or where they will be but it’s worth keeping your eye out for them!!

Some people are saying these are only at Starbucks Target locations (but again, no official word on that).

If you aren’t wanting to wait to see if these launch in stores, you can buy the Starbucks Tim Singleton Cups Here on Etsy.

You can also buy some Starbucks Tim Singleton Cups Here on Ebay.

Check out the cups in the video below!

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