This Starbucks Sea Turtle Mug Is The Cutest Way to Drink Your Morning Coffee

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Starbucks’ latest mug deserves to be sipped in front of a sandy shore.

Courtesy of Starbucks

With blue skies above and a wide open ocean ahead, Starbucks introduces the sea turtle mug, made to be sipped on an early Sunday morning at the beach.

Courtesy of eBay

A baby sea turtle shaped coffee mug in the shade of baby blue, this mug is meant to be poured before arriving to the beach with a view of crashing waves and seagulls diving for fish.

Courtesy of eBay

Inspired by baby sea turtles, the shell of the turtle is the base for this tumbler including a tiny head that pokes out from the side.

Bring to the shore to sip your favorite roast of coffee, this ceramic mug from Starbucks might just be their most adorable design yet.

Place in the sand by your beach bag or simply hold between your two hands for warmth during the cool summer nights, this summer mug is the perfect addition to bring to the shore.

Courtesy of eBay

Just make sure to make room in your kitchen cabinets for this new mug after you return home from the beach.

You can currently find Starbucks’ new sea turtle mug online at eBay, and just don’t forget your new mug at the beach!

Courtesy of eBay

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