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Starbucks Is Selling a Tangerine Mug That’s Perfect for Summer Sipping and I Need It

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There’s no such thing as the perfect mug, except now there is. 

Thanks to Starbucks, we now have another reason to fuel our mug addiction.

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What’s dubbed the Jeju Hallabong mug, named after a special breed of tangerines, the actual fruit tastes sweeter than a regular tangerine or orange even though it has a similar appearance.

And the mug itself, looks exactly like the breed of tangerines that are native to the Jeju Island!

Courtesy of eBay

With a round appearance, a small green leaf at the top, and the signature protruding bump that makes a hallabong, this new mug from Starbucks is simply gorgeous.

So prepare to make room in the kitchen cabinet with the rest of your Starbucks’ mugs and tumblers because this mug is simply a must-have.

Courtesy of eBay

Oh, and did I mention that this mug also comes with a lid to keep bugs from getting into your favorite beverage while sitting outside?

That’s right, so go ahead, pour in your favorite coffee or tea because this mug is bug proof when you close the lid!

Courtesy of eBay

And to think we once thought the perfect mug didn’t exist.

Courtesy of eBay

You can currently find the Jeju Hallabong mug from Starbucks online at eBay!

Now if I could only find my wallet.

Courtesy of eBay

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