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Starbucks Released A Tinkerbell Green Cup and It’s Giving Me Life Right Now

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How is NOBODY talking about this cup?!

So, you know how Starbucks released their new Spring and Valentine Line today? Well, I came across this:

Yes my friends, that IS a Tinkerbell Green cup. It’s actually a water bottle but OMG I had to have it.

No, I don’t even have room for it in my cupboard but who cares?

It is a 20 oz. vacuum isolated water bottle and it is gorgeous! Seriously, my pictures don’t do it justice.

It is a very iridescent Tinkerbell green!

This cup is $24.95 in the US and $34.95 in Canada and you can find it in Starbucks stores now!


How is nobody talking about this Tinkerbell Green Starbucks cup?! #starbucks #starbuckscup

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