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Starbucks Released Tiramisu Flavored K-Cups And My Mouth Is Watering

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Starbucks has added tiramisu K-cups to their signature coffee collection, and that’s reason enough for me to hop out of bed in the mornings!

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Have y’all tried tiramisu? It is only one of my FAVORITE desserts, with its layers of spongy cake and mascarpone cheese, soaked in coffee and liqueur, and topped with powdered chocolate.

My mouth is straight-up watering right now.

But now, Starbucks has combined their YUMMY coffee with the creamy bakery flavor or tiramisu, and I’m so happy that they did.


I can’t think of a better combination than tiramisu-flavored coffee. I mean, it’s a no brainer. Tiramisu is traditionally made with espresso or coffee, so it is just an natural progression to turn K-cups into tiramisu-flavored coffee.

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This is about to save me so much money! I go to Starbucks (almost) every single morning, and my iced coffee combination costs me almost $6 each time I partake!

I can get 60 tiramisu flavored K-cups from Amazon for less than $46. That comes out to about $1.30 a cup, and I’m all for paying LESS THAN 2 bucks for a cup of delicious coffee!

Courtesy of Amazon

FLAVOR AND ROAST: An ode to the classic Italian dessert, Starbucks Tiramisu flavored coffee is complex with chocolaty, bakery-inspired flavors

Courtesy of Amazon

You CAN find these tiramisu flavored K-cups in some stores — where the holiday coffees are located — but they are kind of hard to find. You can head on over to the Amazon website right now and buy you a 6 pack of 10 pods.

That’s the route I took, and I’m so happy that I did. Y’all, this coffee is excellent!

Get over to Amazon, and get your Starbucks Tiramisu K-cups now. Make your morning cup of coffee spectacular!

Y’all, it’s also the time of year for all the stores to carry the Starbucks holiday blend of coffees. Gah! It’s my favorite time of year.

Courtesy of Starbucks

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