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Is The Viral “Under the Sea Refresher” From Starbucks A Real Drink You Can Order?

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We are no stranger to the Starbucks Secret Menu. In fact, we’ve invented hundreds of drinks on it.

But, sometimes a Starbucks Secret Menu Drink goes viral that has us scratching our heads on how they made it.

Most recently, there has been a drink going around dubbed the Starbucks Under The Sea Refresher. It is bright blue with colored candy inside.

The big question is, is it a real drink? After all, it is gorgeous and gives us total mermaid vibes.

Is The Viral “Under the Sea Refresher” From Starbucks A Real Drink You Can Order?

Unfortunately, no. The viral Under The Sea Refresher is not a real drink you can order from Starbucks. Reason being, Starbucks does not put candy worms in their drinks.


After the drink went viral, the creator turned off comments because people were upset (rightfully so) when they went to Starbucks to order this drink.

As a reminder, Starbucks U.S. currently does not have any ingredients that can turn yourself blue. We’ve been wanting something for years but have yet to see it happen.


If you really want to order one of these, perhaps order the Mango Dragonfruit Refresher without the dragonfruit pieces (that is what turns it pink) then add a splash of the Blue Glacier gatorade and then add in your own gummy worms.


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