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Starburst Cotton Candy Exists And The World Just Got A Bit More Delicious

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Starburst Cotton Candy exists, and my diet just went out the window.

I don’t know about you, but my FAVORITE Starbursts — besides ALL of them — are the pinks and reds.

Bring me a cozy blanket, a scented candle, and those strawberry and cherry Starburst flavors, and I’m a happy camper.

Now, those same pink and red Starburst flavors we love are available in a cotton candy, and OMG it looks so good!!

FAVREDS Starbusts take on a new form in the delicious Starburst Cotton Candy!!! Melt in your mouth flavours anytime, anywhere!!😍 Now Available In Store!!


These delish Starbucks Cotton Candies are in stores NOW, so run — don’t walk — and get yours today.

Wouldn’t this make the most perfect stocking stuffer for your kids this Christmas?!? They are going to be so excited with a bag of this peeking out of their stocking!

I already have a slight addiction to cotton candy. But, Starburst flavors of this sweet treat are going to be EPIC!

The Starburst Cotton Candy featured FaveREDS Cherry & Strawberry flavors. Really cool to be able to taste these classic candy flavors in cotton candy form.


If you love the flavor of the pink and red Starburst candies, you HAVE to try the Pink Starburst Refresher from Starbucks. Get it with EXTRA strawberries — YUM!!

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