Starburst Gum Is Coming Soon And I Can’t Wait

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If you are thinking, THIS IS ALREADY A THING, you aren’t alone. BUT, it’s not!

Starburst is coming out with a BRAND NEW chewing gum in 2020, and my taste buds are READY!

Yes, we have previously tried a fruity Starburst gum, but it was under the Juicy Fruit label. Starburst is ready to do its own thing!

The Starburst brand let out this tasty new secret during the Cool New Products Preview Room (NACS Show) in Atlanta this week.

Starburst gum is now going to be manufactured under its own label, which lets them play around with flavors a little more! I hope it starts with ORIGINAL flavors, but expands into other yummy Starburst flavors soon.

This gum will have the ORIGINAL Starburst flavors of Cherry, Orange, Strawberry, and Lemon, and I am so stinking excited!

It will be available in 15-piece, 40-piece, and 120-piece packs. You will just need to decide how big of a package you want to carry in your purse — am I right?!?

Look out, 2020! Great things are coming, and we can’t wait! Be on the lookout. You NEVER KNOW when this gum will start to pop up.

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Photo Credit: Skittles

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