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The New Starburst Pops Are Lollipop On The Outside With A Fruit Flavored Chewy Center

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Starburst has created the ultimate lollipop with the release of the brand new Starburst Pops!

Mars Wrigley

My family absolutely loves Starburst and I have no doubts that they will love these new Starburst Pops as well!

All of our favorite original Starburst flavors are included here!


Red is cherry, pink is strawberry, orange is orange and yellow is lemon, lemon Starburst are my favorite!

So the outside is a hard candy, typical sucker, and the inside is a fruit chew that I imagine is just like a Starburst candy!

At this time Starburst hasn’t released any information on the new Starburst Pops so I don’t have a release date to announce at this time.

However, I do know that they have been spotted on store websites, so the release has to be close!

Mars Wrigley

It looks like they will come in an 8.8 ounce sized variety bag that includes the four flavors.

I hope that once they’re released and are a HUGE hit, they will add bags where you can just get one flavor.

I can tell you right now I’m going to be all about that lemon Starburst Pop!

We can’t wait to try them, will you be buying the new Starburst Pops to try?

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