You Can Get A Starfighter Pool Float That Also Blasts Water For The Most Fun This Summer

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We all secretly wish we could fly or take a ride in one of Star Wars multiple spaceships that are technologically more advanced for this day in age.

Currently, Walmart is selling the closest chance you’ll get as for riding in one of Star Wars’ various spaceships.

Introducing the Starfighter starship pool float from Star Wars!

Courtesy of Walmart

This Starfighter is similar to the one in Star Wars, but instead of armed forces, this Starfighter comes with an included water gun to blast others in the pool.

Courtesy of Walmart

The multicolored pool float comes in red, orange, and green colors with the word Starfighter in black capital letters at the very top of the inflatable pool float.

Courtesy of Walmart

The Starfighter pool float allows kids to float around with water guns that spray and never run out of supply.

Courtesy of Walmart

You can currently get the Star Wars Starfighter lookalike for $64 on Walmart’s website!

Courtesy of Walmart

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