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You Can Now Stay Inside A Giant Starbucks Coffee Mug and It’s Now Become One of My Life Goals

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Calling all Starbucks lovers!

Need a vacation? Love Starbucks? Well, this vacation spot is for you!!

You can now stay inside a Giant Starbucks Coffee Mug – yes, sleep inside a giant Starbucks cup!! Ahhhhh!

This room features all sorts of details for Starbucks lovers such as a breakfast nook, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice painted details on the walls and even Starbucks themed brochures.

Of course, the highlight is the Giant Starbucks Mug that houses a bed you can sleep inside. FUN!

Cozy Design House is a unique interior designer company in Korea that focuses on pension getaways. Their rooms appeal to the consumers in us as they base their room designs on popular products and consumable such as this Starbucks cup bed.

This Starbucks themed room is located in Seoul, South Korea so if you are wanting to stay there, you need to book a flight to visit.

I am about to pack my bags because this room is amazing!!

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  1. I would totally love to stay there for my birthday July 3 2022