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Steak and Ale Chains Are Making a Comeback After a 15 Year Hiatus

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This steakhouse chain proves that it really is “better late than never” to do something you really want do.

And the infamous Steak and Ale restaurant is proving just that after taking time off for 15 years, the once-popular restaurant will soon be cooking filet mignons in the kitchen once again.

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Similarly to Outback, the Steak and Ale brand walked so steakhouses such as Texas Roadhouse and Longhorn could run!

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After going bankrupt in 2008 which caused Steak and Ale to close its doors and fold napkins for the last time, the chain has announced its comeback to the food business.

A revival that will stampede 2024, the first location will open where it was originally founded, in the state of Texas and will serve in Grand Prairie!

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Not to mention even Mayor Ron Jensen of Grand Prairie has confirmed its arrival.

So keep a lookout for the first Steak and Ale restaurant to standstill off of Interstate 30.

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Who else is ready for an unlimited salad bar and herb-roasted prime-rib?

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