The Steele Magnolia House Is Now A Bed And Breakfast And I Call Dibs On Shelby’s Room

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Steel Magnolias is definitely in my top 10 list of favorite movies EVER!! There are so many iconic parts that are either quotable — “Laughter through tears” — or that could only come from this movie — red velvet armadillo cake!

Courtesy of Child of the 80s on YouTube

One specifically iconic part of the film is the house where M’Lynn, Drum, Shelby, and the boys live — remember when Drum was outside shooting the birds out of the trees for the wedding? Ha!

Courtesy of Natchitoches.com

Well, guess what! The Steel Magnolia house is now a Bed and Breakfast, where you can go surround yourself in southern charm, and you can just go ahead and sign me up!!

Courtesy of Steel Magnolia House

This famous house is located in Natchitoches, Louisiana, it has SIX bedrooms, and boasts 5,900 square feet of living space. It’s kinda huge.

Courtesy of Steel Magnolia House

You can choose to stay in guest rooms called Shelby, Anelle, Jackson, Clairee, and Ouiser. LOL! I love it!

Courtesy of Steel Magnolia House

Not to mention, y’all just have to see the Front Parlor, the Main Dining Area, and the GORGEOUS wrap around porch where you can go enjoy a sweet tea and relax in one of the rocking chairs.

Courtesy of Steel Magnolia House

Y’all, this house is absolutely beautiful! It has its ORIGINAL wood floors, and grand staircase. There is just so much charm here, you have to go check it out!

Courtesy of Steel Magnolia House

Before the movie, this house was known as the Cook-Taylor House, and it was built in the 1840s as a store! Then, during the civil war, it was used as a hospital. Talk about some history there!!


If you want to go check out all the information on this beautiful Bed and Breakfast, simply go to SteelMagnoliaHouse.net and look around. I’m warning you — you will immediately want to book your next getaway for this house!


I just feel the need to say, if you haven’t seen Steel Magnolias, cancel whatever plans you have for the day, grab some kleenex, and go stream it!

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