Stella Rose Released An Orange-Flavored Moscato So You Can Make The Perfect Mimosa At Home

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I think it’s pretty safe to say at this point that I am a wine-o. I love my wine! We have found some pretty amazing new finds, like this boxed sangria or this rosé flavored popcorn, but this new find may take the cake!

Stella Rosa

Stella Rosa has come out with an orange-flavored moscato that sounds absolutely DIVINE. Just imagine making mimosas with this! My brunches just got more magical.


These have been spotted all over the place! Mainly at Aldi and Walmart, but they may also be available at your local liquor store so you will have to keep your eyes open!


This moscato is the Stella Rosa Imperiale Orange Moscato. The brand’s website describes this as a beverage “full of sass, pizzazz, and that ‘you don’t mess with me’ type of attitude.” Sounds like my kind of drink!


This moscato wine has notes of “orange, lemon, orange blossom, and peach” according to their packaging. It sounds so heavenly! Sure, maybe you it’s frowned upon to drink earlier in the day, but this would pair SO perfectly with brunch food! I’m dreaming of this pairing and it needs to happen.


And with the Forth of July holiday right around the corner, you need to pop a bottle to celebrate, so why not get this magical sounding one? God bless America AND this wine.


If, for some reason, you aren’t able to find this new and amazing flavor (let’s hope that is not the case!), Stella Rosa has all sorts of other deliciously flavored wines like sparkling rosé moscato, stella berry, and grapefruit rosé. Honestly, all of these options sound fantastic!


But hopefully you can get your hands on this Stella Rosa Orange Moscato and hopefully it isn’t seasonal or limited edition because I want it to stick around for awhile. Stella Rosa even came out with the PERFECT recipe to make mimosas with this wine!


Have you gotten your hands on some of this fantastic wine? Comment below and let us know where you found it and how much you like it! What do you think this will pair well with? I can’t wait to try it with some eggs, bacon, and french toast!


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