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‘Stranger Things’ Teases Something Massive Going Down At The Hawkins Cemetery And I Can’t Wait To Find Out What It Is

Hold the phone!! We have new Stranger Things season 4 potential spoiler photos!!

Be careful reading ahead if you want to be completely surprised by the upcoming season of Stranger Things.

It has been a hot minute since we have had a chance to visit our favorite best friends from Hawkins, Indiana.

Season 3 left us with SO MANY big cliffhangers — so many things left up in the air!

Like, is Jim Hopper really dead — or is he in some weird Russian work camp?

He better not be dead, or I will be wrecked!!

Did Joyce Byers, in fact, finally decide to move her family and Eleven away from Hawkins?

I mean, I can’t really blame her for taking off, since so many of their friends and loved ones have died and/or been tortured by different sci-fi, other worldly creatures in Hawkins.

RIP, Bob Newby.

BUT, what about all their die-hard friends, the ones still living, the ones who they fought the demonic, Upside Down creatures with? GAH!!

So many unanswered questions!!

We’ve already seen a few photos from the set of Stranger Things 4, where it looks like we are back in the Upside Down — or maybe it has spilled over into the real world? Hmmmmmm.

Now, @StrangerNews11 has shared 4 new “spoiler” photos of the upcoming season of Stranger Things, and it appears something “massive” is going down in the Hawkins cemetery.




But, what does it all mean? GAH! The suspense is about to kill me!!

Could it have to do with Hopper? I have to know!!


It doesn’t appear that this is part of the Upside Down world, but what could they be searching for?


Sure, photos of a cemetery in the world of Hawkins, Indiana doesn’t seem like much, but @StrangerNews11 also teased that these could be the last spoiler photos before we actually get to WATCH the new season!!



There is still MORE news!!

Remember Dr. Brenner — AKA Papa, the one who performed all those mind bending experiments on Eleven — from season 1 of Stranger Things?

We thought he was killed off by the Demogorgon at the end of the season, but as we should now know, in the world of Stranger Things, nothing is as it seems.

In season 2, an orderly told Eleven and Kali that he was, in fact, still alive — and this new trailer for season 4 just might be proof of that!!

Alright, Netflix. *Drumming Fingernails On The Computer Table*

Get this show on the road, and BRING OUT Stranger Things season 4, already!!

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