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Strawberry Roses Bring Pure Romance To The Table

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Say no to the chocolate assortments and ditch the red roses!

Similar to those chocolate covered strawberry turkeys you made for Thanksgiving dessert, strawberry roses are here for Valentine’s day dinner and they are the cutest addition for a romantic night in.

Roses are red and so are strawberries which means there’s no reason why we can’t get creative on the day of love, for our love.

Thanks to TikToker @thekitchenprepblog whose videos went viral showing the simple yet creative food idea, we now know what to make for our side dish for two.

What Are Strawberry Roses?

Strawberry roses are strawberries cut in the shape of a rose!

They can be used to garnish your main meal on the evening of Cupid’s day or act as pretty side dish made to be devoured and dipped in melted dark chocolate.

How to Make Strawberry Roses

Start by washing a handful of strawberries; consider 12 for a dozen ‘red roses’ like a fresh bouquet from the market.

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Grab several skewers and poke them through the center of your strawberry from the top.

Take your kitchen knife and gently slice slits (without cutting all the way through), around the entire strawberry from the bottom to top.

The slits will act as pedals like a layered rose picked fresh from the ground!

The perfect sweet treat to coat with whipped cream during dinner or save for dessert after eating a chicken roast.

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