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You Can Plant Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers That Have Pink Gradient Petals and I’m In Love

Sunflowers are beautiful aren’t they? Typically any flower can brighten up my day, specifically if it’s a rose or daisies.. cough cough, hint hint…

Fun fact, my dad plants a Sunflower every Summer and last Summer was the biggest Sunflower he’s grown yet! It was gigantic! You can see my dad’s Sunflower right below here.

Regardless, Sunflowers are just gorgeous no matter if they’re standing alone or paired together in a vase. But have you heard of the Strawberry Blonde Sunflower?!?!

This Sunflower is the ultimate flower you want in your house, like every single day. I can even seen this flower being used in my wedding.

As you can see, the flower itself has the same Yellow color we all are used to seeing. However in the middle, and what looks like is spreading to the outer layer of the petals, is this gorgeous Burgundy, Pink color.

I think I have a new obsession and I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet.

You can plant the Strawberry Blonde Sunflower right in your backyard garden and the seeds are insanely cheep at Home Depot!

You can thank me later, now excuse me while I go buy some seeds for myself!