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These Plants Are Called ‘String Of Buttons Succulents’ Because They Are Literally Cute As A Button

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This gorgeous succulent is called a String of Buttons, and I must have like 5!


Succulents are absolutely the coolest plants. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, AND you can straight up forget to water them for a month, and they will usually be fine! (I speak from experience)

Some of my favorite succulents have historically been the one that looks like tiny hearts, the one that changes color in the sunlight, and these hella cool succulents that look like little rocks.

BUT, this little String of Buttons Succulent plant is now at the tops of my FAVORITES.

This succulent is so cool and unlike any I have seen. Very impressed with the amount of plant that was sent – more that other sellers have given me in the past. It was wrapped carefully and arrived safe.

Etsy Reviews

The listing is for 4 little String of Buttons Succulents in a 2-inch pot. You can totally repot them into a cool planter when you get them!

Can you tell me how often to water these succulents?


Sure!! If you place your succulent outside in the sun, you can water it about every 10 days.

A succulent that is grown indoors can go a month or more between waterings.


BUT, HEAR THIS. It all depends on the soil that your succulent is planted in.

If the soil is dry (completely dry) to the touch, it MIGHT be time to water your succulent.


It is better to err on the side of watering it LESS than you think it needs. I have even gone 5 months before watering my little succulent plant, and it was FINE.

A dry succulent can become lush again. An overwatered succulent will die!


How can I get a String of Buttons succulent?

Now, that’s the easy part!

You can get a 2-inch pot that comes complete with 4 little String of Buttons Succulents for 5 bucks!


With over 42 thousand sales, the RGSucculents shop gets a 5 out of 5 stars, so you know you are getting GREAT plants and awesome customer service.

To get your own String of Buttons Succulent, simply go to the RGSucculents shop on Etsy.


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