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These Sugar Free Gummy Bears Are Getting The Most Hilarious Reviews And I Can’t Stop Reading Them

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LOL!! This was the laugh that I needed today!!

Social media can be rough and depressing at times, but leave it to Facebook today to make me smile.

There was a post with a picture of Haribo Sugar-Free Classic Gummy Bears. It read, “If you are having a rough day go to Amazon and read the reviews for Haribos Sugar Free Gummy Bears. You’re welcome.”


Oh, my sweet goodness! They are not joking. I lost an hour of my day, laughing so hard my stomach hurt.

While most everyone agrees that these gummy bears are totally tasty — like delicious to the point of eating multiple at a time — there are some, shall we say, unwanted side effects.

My friend hasn’t been practicing social distancing during the pandemic, so I bought him a bag of these gummies for his birthday. It’s now been 10 days since he left the house out of fear of pooping himself again. I’m not gonna say Haribo SUGAR FREE Classic Gummi Bears are the cure for the coronavirus, but it certainly helps slow down the spread.

Dexter from Amazon Reviews

Their pain is our pleasure, because you will want to read these comments!

I ate half of a 6 oz bag I picked up at CVS. They changed the color of the bag. I didn’t know. I spent 24 hours in the fetal position on my bathroom floor repeating “please God, why?” I still don’t have an answer.

Nicole P on Amazon Reviews

It seems that even just a couple of these gummy bears cause some rather uncomfortable intestinal issues.

Bought these to see if all the other reviews were true. Put them in a big bowl at the office and sat back to watch the fireworks. They did not disappoint.

Taylor on Amazon Reviews

What’s even worse, these intestinal issues are happening on a plane, at work, and during other uncomfortable situations!

The taste isn’t bad, but the aftermath….is quite “haribo”; as in, you will have haribo diarrhea.

Daniel Kane on Amazon Reviews

Let me reiterate, all the reviews say the gummy bears are completely fantastic in the taste department.

I have been sitting on my toilet for 5 hours in excruciating pain, 10/10 would purchase again

Brandon Adam on Amazon Reviews

Go check out the rest of the hilarious reviews HERE.

You can totally get some of these Haribo Classic Sugar Free Gummies on the Amazon website, but only eat a couple at a time!

Courtesy of Amazon

If you want a candy that is a little bit more intestine friendly, but still Totally The Bomb in the taste department, might I suggest you check out this 5-pound-bag of Sour Patch Kids Gummies.

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  1. This happens with any sugar free candies. You should only eat one or two of them. It because of the ingredients they use to make them taste sweet. All artificial sugars should only be eaten is small amounts or you will end up with stomach cramps and diarrhea. We found this out the hard way. My husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and we bought some sugar free peanut butter cups (which he loves) and after eating three or four, you know what happened. Yes he tried it again few days later and it happened again. He read the package and it did give a warning about eating too many.

    So eat your sugar free candy in very small amounts to avoid this issue of stomach discomfort and/or explosive diarrhea.

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