This Sugar Skull Face Mask Is Absolutely Beautiful And Mine Is On The Way

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I absolutely LOVE my job, but sometimes doing this job is SO HARD!! Why? I spend all my money on all the cool finds I come across — like this SUPER amazing Sugar Skull Face Mask.

Yes, before I even STARTED this post, I had already put this Sugar Skull Face Mask in my virtual Etsy cart, and checked out!

It is absolutely GORGEOUS!! And, I mean, if we HAVE to wear face masks, which we most definitely do, they may as well be BEAUTIFUL face masks, right?

This PARTICULAR face mask is made of a Quilted Jersey fabric, and it is available in multiple sizes: Medium (4.9 inches), Large (5.5 inches), and Extra Large (6.1 inches).

I got the extra large size, because I have a big head — don’t judge. Big head means big brain, right?

This classic style features two pieces of elastic which hook over your ears. Please note that there is a right way up for these masks, you can tell when you put them on by how they feel, the larger arch sits at the bottom of the mask.

Savaq shop on Etsy

Each mask is handmade to order, and is totally machine washable — which is IMPERATIVE in a fabric face mask these days.

Y’all, these masks ship for FREE, which you KNOW is crucial in the purchase decision process for me! The Savaq shop also DOES take returns and exchanges, so you can purchase without worry or fear.

If you want to get REAL right now, I also purchased one of their Mickey Mouse face masks, because DISNEY. You have got to go check them out!!

You can get your OWN super beautiful face masks on the Savaq shop on Etsy.

I forgot to tell you — they are only $15.99!! Now, I have become quite the connoisseur of face masks, and that is SO reasonable for a good quality, fabric face mask!

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