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SunnyD Released A New Vodka Seltzer Beverage Just for Adults and It Sounds So Good

Mixing orange juice with alcohol is nothing new behind the counter of a bar.

And whether your toasting while holding a mimosa with a group of friends or sipping on a screwdriver during dinner, SunnyD has now entered the chat when it comes to mixing alcohol and the flavor of citrus.

What’s dubbed the SunnyD Vodka Seltzer beverage, this brand new drink is for adults (21 and up) only.

Courtesy of @candyhunting

The new can mixes as described on the front, vodka and seltzer water with what we assume we also combine a citrus and tangy taste that SunnyD has always been known for!

Courtesy of Christian White

So basically this new drink bottles up a mimosa that’s already been mixed for you!

Courtesy of @moonkish

You can currently find the new alcohol mix in packs of 4 at Walmart for less than $10 thanks to Instagram user @foodcrewfinds who spotted the new cans.

Courtesy of @foodcrewfinds

And if your lucky, you may also found the new cans at your local wine and spirits store!

Courtesy of @harvestinholland

Just look for the bright orange pack stocked at Walmart or the nearest Wine and Spirits store shelves!