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Swedish Fish Jelly Beans Exist And I Need Them For Our Easter Baskets

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Maybe I’m a little late to the game on this one… but I had no idea that you could get Swedish Fish Jelly Beans!

Blair Candy

I have one child that absolutely loves Swedish Fish! She is going to flip when she finds these in her Easter basket this year.


I normally add the regular Swedish Fish to her basket, and of course I still will this year. But instead of regular jelly beans, I am going to give her Swedish Fish Jelly Beans!

Frankford Candy is always coming out with fun new candy! There is always something for everyone!

snaxium – Instagram

It’s the same memorable Swedish Fish flavor, but in a jelly bean! I love it! I can not believe these have been out for like 8 years or something like that!

How did I not know?

One thing to keep in mind is that the Swedish Fish Jelly Beans are seasonal. Which might be why I have never spotted them before.

bespunky – Instagram

If you are someone or know someone, that loves Swedish Fish, you may want to stock up while they are available.

They come in a 13-ounce bag! I was able to find the Swedish Fish Jelly Beans on the Target website for only $2.99 and it shows they are available right now!


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