T-Mobile Is Giving Students Free Internet To Help Them Succeed In School

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I watched a video the other day that broke my heart. It was a family sitting outside of a school. They were out there so the kids could do their school work.

They didn’t have internet at home and had no way to get internet to the house because of the area they live in. So instead, they sit outside of the school for hours so the kids can do their classes using the schools wifi.


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It made me so sad to think they were sitting out there every day. What about when it is a super hot day, or soon…cold days… stormy days?

Well, T-Mobile is trying to help people that are in that same sort of situation. Some people can’t afford internet either because many people are out of work. It’s just a mess.

T-Mobile said it would give free internet to millions of students that need it. This is part of a 10.7 billion dollar Project10 commitment.

Partnering with school districts across the country, the program offers free wireless hotspots, free high-speed data and access to laptops and tablets, at-cost. And as the COVID-19 pandemic makes remote learning the new norm for millions of students across the U.S., the Un-carrier is expanding Project 10Million to offer more data options, including unlimited, for school districts to pass on to eligible student households at no cost to them.

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Make sure you pass this on to your schools so that students in need can get the help that they need! Interested school districts can sign up today at www.t-mobile.com/p10m.

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