Taco Bell Is Bringing Back Their $1 Double Stacked Tacos in Time for The New Year

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I have NOT heard the end of it from my Husband ever since Taco Bell took their Double Stacked Tacos off the menu.

Taco Bell has FINALLY heard my plea, and made my life so much easier. They are bringing back this Double Stacked Taco, and my husband just did a little happy dance.

If you aren’t familiar with the Double Stacked Taco, let me just tell you what you have been missing out on.


It starts with a two taco shells — one soft flour tortilla, and one hard-shell corn tortilla. These two taco shells sandwich a layer of gooey cheese. Then, Taco Bell stacks the inside of the taco with tons of taco-y filling.

Taco Bell

See those bits of red crunchy tortillas sticking out of the taco? Those would be the the extra crispy bits in the Nacho Crunch Double Stacked taco. You can also get the tacos in the Reaper Ranch variety — which is supposed to be Hella-Spicy — and the Chipotle Cheddar variety.


These tacos are going to join the $1 menu JUST in time for that after-Christmas time of year. That special time of year when we are all uber broke. THANK YOU, TACO BELL!


Now this Double Stacked Taco is different than the Double Decker Taco. The Double Decker Taco uses BEANS to sandwich the tortillas. The Double Stacked Tacos uses melty CHEESE to sandwich the tortillas. BOTH are totally tasty. Some Taco Bell restaurants no longer carry the Double Decker Taco — sad face.


Most Taco Bells will have the delicious Double Stacked Taco starting officially on December 26th. SOME stores already offer these yummy tacos on their menus.


Thank you, Taco Bell, for giving us something to look forward to during that lull between Christmas and New Years. Thank you, also, for having stellar hangover food just in time for the New Years Eve festivities!


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