Taco Bell Has A Watermelon Freeze, And It’s Like Summer In A Cup

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I am obsessed with all things watermelon. To say it is my favorite fruit is an understatement. When summer is on the way, I know watermelon season is near, and glee abounds.

Give me all the watermelon things!

I have tried to grow watermelons, but sadly, it doesn’t work out well for me. I’m not patient enough, or smart enough, or careful enough.

I kind of forget I’ve planted it. I do better letting others grow this fabulous fruit, and I just enjoy the fruits of their labor (pun totally intended).

Give me all things watermelon

I have absolutely no problem, however, using this fruit in fun ways. If you haven’t tried this Watermelon Vodka Mint Lemonade, I suggest you go out and get the ingredients now. You’ll thank me for it.

I love to add extra watermelon to this Watermelon Cucumber Tonic. It is so refreshing on a hot day. Me, the pool, cool watermelon goodness. It’s just about perfection.

Sweet summer in a cup

Imagine my excitement when I found out Taco Bell has its seasonal Watermelon Freeze available now!

I nearly wrecked my car when I saw the sign in front of the restaurant. I had to immediately go through the drive-through to try one.


Reviews are in, and they all seem to agree that this drink is tasty. They are right!


You might notice the black “seeds” floating in this cup of summery goodness. Never fear, those are actually crunchy candy! They make the drink look totally authentic.

Photo Credit: Taco Bell

According to the Taco Bell website, this drink will set you back $2.39. A regular size is only 220 calories, so you can partake without feeling guilty or breaking the bank.

Of course, you can still visit between happy hour which is 2 PM to 5 PM your local time and get this for just $1! BAM!

Stop into a Taco Bell, and get yourself a Watermelon Freeze while they last.

They are seasonal, so sadly they will not last forever. But, you can enjoy them while they are here!

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