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Taco Bell Wants You To Mail Them Your Empty Sauce Packets

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More than 8 BILLION packets of Taco Bell sauce packets eventually end up in landfills every year and Taco Bell wants to change that.

Taco Bell

They’ve recently introduced a program to see if they can get customers to send back the used sauce packages so they can recycle them instead of them going to the landfill.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell partnered with a company called TerraCycle which is a company that helps other companies meet environmental goals, in this case, it’s sauce packaging recycling.

Customers will need to sign up for a TerraCycle account and then fill a box with collected used sauce packets.

Once the box is full, you can print a free shipping label and send it off to TerraCycle with UPS.

Taco Bell

This is ONLY for sauces packages from Taco Bell, I don’t really eat there so this program wouldn’t benefit my family, but many other people do go there.

Taco Bell

I’m not sure how well this is going to go, I don’t really see people holding on to sauce packages for as long as it would take to fill an actual box, even a small box would take forever.

But, Taco Bell didn’t want to offer the program in-store because they didn’t think people would drop them back off in stores.

You can learn more at tacobell.com/terracycle or by using the QR codes found where customers obtain their restaurant sauce packets.

Taco Bell

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