Taco Bell Has A New Red, White, And Blue Freeze Just In Time For The 4th Of July

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Starbucks is known for their secret menu drinks, well news flash, Taco Bell also has a secret menu and it’s full of freeze items that are also worth the Instagram capture.

Taco Bell is mixing a few of their freeze drinks together to make one firework poppin, sparkling sparkler, and crowd cheering drink.

Here’s introducing the red, white, and blue freeze, from Taco Bell!

Courtesy of Taco Bell

Similar to several Starbuck’s secret menu drinks, this freeze isn’t exactly something you can pick off the menu and order at the drive thru.

Courtesy of @tacobell

With that being said, Taco Bell has decided to make their own hack and thus, the red, white, and blue freeze was born.

Courtesy of @tacobell

Here’s how you order it.

Start by asking a Taco Bell employee for half of the Wild Strawberry Freeze, half Blueberry Freeze, and one pump of the tropical whip creamer. 

Courtesy of @tacobell

The finished look should be a seamless combination of patriotic colors.

Courtesy of @tacobell

Since this is (sadly) not an official menu item, the secret freeze is limited edition only while supplies last; so just incase the necessary ingredients are gone before the fourth, there’s no reason why you can’t celebrate early.

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