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You Can Get A Taco Sleeping Bag Blanket For The Person Who Really Loves Taco Tuesday

I’ll never have too many blankets, like ever. First, there was the burrito blanket, now we have the taco blanket for the person that loves tacos!


What person doesn’t love tacos? I mean I am sure there is a small percentage that doesn’t, but for everyone else, we need this!

The blanket is perfect for adults to use while lounging on the couch. It measures 69 inches long which is plenty of length for a person of average height.

Claire Blide – Amazon Review

I purchased this for my boyfriend for Christmas. Weird, right? Actually his nickname is “taco” so we always buy him taco items. He loved this- our kids loved it and they all fight over it when we have movie nights. It’s a funny gift item and worked perfectly for us. It’s really soft- actually the only “complaint” that I think I could come up with for it is that it’s awkward to fold ?

Nicole Parker – Amazon Review

It’s made of fleece, and basically a sleeping bag style. Kids will love this for sleepovers, mild weather camping, and even car trips!

Elise Pure – Amazon review

Purchased as a gift, she loved it! Good quality and was perfect size.

Elise Pure – Amazon review

The taco blanket provides warmth while still being breathable. So it is great for using all year round.

The details are pretty fantastic! You got your taco shell, lettuce, taco sauce, and of course the cheese!

You can buy this amazing taco blanket sleeping bag for only $32.95 on Amazon!