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This Taco Truck Holds Your Stuffed Taco Shells So There’s No Mess When You Eat

Packing a hard shelled taco with all the fixings can be nerve racking considering one shake of the table can create a taco massacre.

Picture this, you’ve already stuffed meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and as you watch your taco stand upright for a few minutes, it’s almost inevitable that your taco will spill the perfectly layered fixings onto the table or plate.

Considering the most likely possibility of your instagram worthy taco spilling its guts, Amazon is currently selling a taco truck that will hold your tacos horizontally in a row.

Courtesy of Amazon

Although, this taco truck is unlike the o.g. van you casually see on the side of the road, rather this truck holds your hard shells instead of selling them individually for $4.99.

Courtesy of Amazon

This taco tray allows taco enthusiasts to neatly place their tacos in the taco truck designed food tray for less spillage and more stuffing.

Courtesy of Amazon

Not to mention, each taco truck is microwavable for the days where melted queso instead of shredded cheese is preferred.

Courtesy of Amazon

With two open seats, there’s no reason why taco Tuesday should be a huge mess to clean after dinner.

Courtesy of Amazo

You can currently get a guacamole green or salsa red taco truck for the days weeks where taco Tuesday is every day of the week rather than just one for $13 on Amazon.

Courtesy of Amazon

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