When Should You Take Your Christmas Tree Down? Here Are The Most Popular Dates To Do So.

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The Christmas Tree needles are dropping, the stockings are empty and a few ornaments have cracked this year, so is it time to finally take down Santa and the elves the day after Christmas?

Well, it depends.

Deciding when to hang your holiday decorations are tradition for many families. Therefore, if you have a tradition for setting up your Christmas tree, there should also be a tradition for when you kick it to the curb.

Here are a few popular dates when families decide to take their holiday decorations down starting with the day after Christmas.

There’s no exact reason on why you might see so many Christmas Trees lying on the curb, but for many individuals when the clock strikes midnight on December 25th, some moms and dads have had enough of the needle droppings.

New Year’s Eve is also a common date to see holiday decorations get packed away and tossed in the basement. For many it’s the start of a new beginning, and a new year and taking down the current Christmas Tree is apart of the old year; you know what they say “out with the old and in with the new!”

It’s also rumored that keeping your Christmas Tree past New Year’s Eve is bad luck and we don’t need any more of that come the new year!

The Twelfth Night.

This day in the Christian religion marks the last day to take down the Christmas Tree including the holiday decorations. The Twelfth Night is the last day honoring the birth of baby Jesus and marks the official end to the holiday season.

So whether or not you prefer to take down the Christmas tree and pack up the holiday decorations on New Year’s Eve or on the Twelfth Night, what should be off limits is keeping up the tree into the month of February!

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