Target Will Soon Be Offering Drive-Up Returns and You Never Have to Leave Your Car

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Returns just got a whole lot easier at Target…

Gone are the days where you have to put actual pants and a bra on in order to return something inside the store at Target.

Target will soon be offering drive-up returns and it’s a total game changer!


Earlier today, Target announced that they will be rolling out a new drive-up return program and it will be available nationwide at every store by the end of summer.

Want to make a product return even easier? You’ll soon be able to skip the line or mailbox and pull right in — to your nearest Target Drive Up spot.

Target press release

The news comes after a successful pilot test.

Our Target Drive Up service has given guests the ability to pick up orders placed through their Target.com account without leaving their car. And now after a successful pilot test, we are rolling out the ability to make a product return through Drive Up to Target stores this spring — and expect to reach all of our nearly 2,000 locations by the end of the summer. It’s just one example of how we’re leading the way on ease and affordability to create a truly differentiated shopping experience.


Honestly, I am seriously excited for this feature because it will safe so much time and I won’t even have to take my kids out of their car seats to make a return.

First, there’s the convenience. Drive Up Returns are a no-stress option for guests with kids or pets in tow, those with disabilities — or anyone who wants or needs to stay in the comfort of their car and keep moving to their next destination. Then there’s the speed: Instead of dropping off a package at a mail carrier to be shipped and then processed, you can hand it over directly to a Target Drive Up team member and get your refund that much faster. And even better: There’s no charge to take advantage of our Drive Up Returns service.

I’m truly so excited for this new feature and I sure hope other stores take note and start offering the same too!

You can read more about the Target Drive-Up Returns Here.

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