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Target Is Selling A Ghost Reaper Chili That Is Supposed To Be The Hottest In The World

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Y’all, I’m all for hot things — I love the Flamin’ Popcorn, the new spicy dipping sauce from McDonald’s, and I even like my Bloody Mary super spicy.

But, I’m not sure I could try this new Hormel Ghost Reaper Chili. It is said to be the “world’s hottest chili,” and I’m going to be honest, that scares me a little bit.


The Carolina Reaper or Ghost Pepper are so on trend right now. It seems we are seeing them everywhere. Heck — Dunkin Donuts even has a Ghost Pepper Donut (which I am also too scared to try).


But, I mean, chili is something I love to make on a cold winter day — and the spicier the better. That is, until now.

I don’t think I could get a single spoonful of this hot chili into my stomach, let alone an entire bowl.

I’d have to LOAD that thing up with double the sour cream and triple the cheese just to cut some of that heat! Are you with me??!!

You might be wondering HOW to get your hands on this chili, because you sure haven’t seen it on grocery store shelves.

Here is the thing — it isn’t yet out. It’s going to be offered EXCLUSIVELY through the Target website, and it isn’t going to be available starting Sunday, October 25th, at 7am CDT.


If you want to take the Ghost Reaper Chili Challenge, it is available in VERY limited quantities. You don’t want to wait to try and log on to the Target website.

Set yourself a reminder, a timer, an alarm — whatever — and be to the Target.com website on October 25th at 7am.

Just so you understand how exactly hot this chili is:

The Carolina Reapers clock in around 1.6 million units on the Scolville (sic) scale, and together with the ghost peppers exceed 3 million units, according to Hormel’s press release. (For context, jalapeño peppers typically register at 2,500–8,000 units on this scale.)


Are you willing to take the challenge? You’ll have to tell me how it is! It’s intriguing, but I think I’m too scared to try it. Ha!

Courtesy of Candy Hunting on Instagram

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  1. I would love to do the challenge how do I order this

  2. We bought 6 of the 2-packs. Yes, we have eaten some (almost immediately upon receipt!). We combined the two cans and ate as soup. With some crackers. OMG! YES, this chili is HOT! And it is OMG GOOD. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who cannot handle hot foods, but for those who enjoy the heat, this is darned GOOD. If it goes on the shelves on a regular basis, we will be buying it on occasion. (Only because we don’t eat soups of any type very often, but this could change our mind.)

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