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Target Has 5 Dollar Neon Halloween Lights In The Dollar Spot RIGHT NOW!

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If there’s anything we know to be SO TRUE, it’s that we are OBSESSED with Target’s Halloween collection, and so are you.

And these five dollar Neon Halloween Signs in the Target dollar spot right now are giving us all the creepy spooky vibes.


All of them.

The thing about Target’s dollar spot Halloween stuff is that you can’t necessarily find it online like you can with the rest of Target’s Halloween collection (which you can find here.)


Trust us, you need these awesome neon lights in your life this halloween.

Here are the different item numbers you are looking for.


I am loving this halloween neon pumpkin sign.

I totally love that it has the little green stem accent that makes it SO much cuter than just being plain orange.

And this little witch hat! SO POINTY!

Look at the super cute detail!

How awesome is that?

And the bat is SO CUTE! And it’s not just a one color bat. It’s got a super cool green ombre thing going on. I adore it!

But this piece of candy neon sign is the VERY BEST OF ALL!

I mean look at it! It’s just SO CUTE!

I really like that you could keep the candy one out all year and that it isn’t necessarily halloween-ish.

Happy Halloween!

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