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Target Is Raising Holiday Pay For Employees

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Target is giving its employees an early Christmas gift this holiday season — an additional $2 an hour!!

Just one more reason to love Target, as if we needed another reason.

This generous boost in pay will be for hourly workers in stores, service centers, supply chain positions, some headquarter positions and seasonal team members. The jump in pay will be temporary and for specific hours worked during the peak holiday season.

I may just need to go get me a seasonal job at Target this year!!

The in-store shifts that are eligible for the extra $2 an hour are for Saturday and Sunday shifts worked between November 20 and December 19. You can also get an additional $2 per hour for working the Friday before Christmas and the Sunday after Christmas.

Supply chain workers will get the $2 increase for any two-week period worked between Oct. 10 and Dec. 18, depending on location.

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Target is WELL aware that their employees are the lifeblood of their stores, and they wouldn’t have a business at all if it weren’t for their awesome hard-working employees.


This team continues to be at the heart of our strategy. You have shown up consistently for our guests and one another with a tremendous amount of care and we know this busy holiday season will be no different. This is just one more way of expressing our deep gratitude for your significant contributions. Thank you for the many ways you bring joy to all families and for all you do to make Target a place where we can care, grow and win together.

Target statement

Now, it’s no surprise that businesses are riding the struggle bus when it comes to hiring and retaining employees. Target knows that to take care of its employees is only in their best interest during this tumultuous employment time.

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Target was on top of pampering their employees during the height of the pandemic, raising their minimum pay to $15 an hour during the summer of 2020.

They also began offering tuition assistance, and gave a whopping 6 rounds of employee stimulus monies — if you will — that ranged from $200 to $2,000.

Not just that, but Target has said that they will offer more shifts and a variety of flexible schedules for existing employees this holiday season.

It’s a good time to work at Target!!

Did you also hear that Target has a new employment program that allows employees to stay employed while only working 1 time every 6 months? That’s pretty awesome! They can retain all their benefits with minimal work.

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