Target Is Selling $5 Succulent Plants and I Call Dibs On The Pineapple

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I have no idea why I am on a succulent kick right now! I have always loved them, but right now I am looking at all the things that have succulents or are succulent themed!!

There are so many adorable products out at Target right now! Like the pineapple fanny pack cooler that holds a bottle of wine!


Well, now I have something even better! Character succulents! These are freaking fantastic! Also, I can’t kill it! Bonus! I do “ok” with plants, but sooner or later I fail.


These are not real so I’m good! Since they are made from plastic, it looks good all of the time! I’ll just have to make sure I dust them!

Sun Squad

It comes in a super cute pineapple pot and the succulent looks just like the crown! It is 3.74 inches high x 3.3 inches wide x 3.3 inches deep! You can get yours from Target for only $5!

Sun Squad

They also have a strawberry one! Again, the pot is the fruit and the succulent is the crown! I love them! So perfect for summer decor! You can get yours from Target for only $5!

Sun Squad

How adorable would this panda succulent be in a kid’s room? The pot is a panda and the succulent is on it’s back. Kids love succulents! Just look below!


The panda succulent is a great buy at only $5 from Target! I know my girls would love it! What human doesn’t love a panda?

Target even has a shark succulent! The pot is a shark with the succulent coming out of its mouth! It’s brilliant and I think I need one in my bathroom!

Sun Squad

You can find the shark succulent at Target as well and again, only $5! You could get one of each easily without breaking the bank! It will last forever with no sun, no water, no soil! Just dust it!


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