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Target Is Selling A $20 Pumpkin Stack That Light Up Just Like Jack-O-Lanterns But Without The Slimy Mess

If you don’t like the feel of pumpkin guts but you still want to decorate the front porch with jack-o-lanterns, here’s how you can have the look of carved pumpkins without the sticky mess.

Thanks to Target, and for those who believe pumpkin guts are gross, these stacked pumpkins are the seasonal decor for you.

Courtesy of Target

Introducing a collection of bright orange pumpkins that light up just like jack-o-lanterns!

stacked pumpkins

A trio of pumpkins that illuminate a warm yellow glow just like your neighbor’s jack-o-lanterns, these stacked pumpkins omit the job of pulling slimy guts from the inside of a pumpkin.

Courtesy of Target

Featuring three different spooky faces for each pumpkin, you’ll notice one pumpkin has two teeth while the other has none at all!

With the ability to light up without the use of a candle, there’s an on and off switch to use at you discretion when the dark nights of Halloween come around.

Place on your front porch to mix and match with your Halloween decor or use it in the house, these three pumpkins are suitable outdoors and indoors!

You can currently find these light up stacked pumpkins online at Target for just $20 this Halloween season.

Courtesy of Target