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If Hot Cocoa Bombs Weren’t Your Thing, Maybe ‘Tea Bombs’ Will Be

One of the trends to come out of 2020 was the Hot Cocoa Bomb – they were everywhere.

But now that the holidays are over, people are jumping onto a new trend – Tea Bombs.

These are exactly what they sound like, they are little bombs made out of sugar that have a tea bag or tea mixture inside.

They dissolve in hot water and make the perfect cup of tea!

Click here to see my favorite tea bomb recipe.

According to the people making these, these are quite more labor intensive than the hot cocoa bombs because they require you to make a shell using sugar and you can get some crazy burns if you are not careful.

With that being said, if you know what you are doing, these are GORGEOUS and another fun trend to jump on.

Of course you can skip making these entirely and find some online.

I cannot wait to give these a try!!

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