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Reddit Is Going Crazy Over This Teacher’s Strict Bathroom Policy And I Don’t Know How To Feel

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This teacher’s bathroom policy has the world of Reddit in an uproar, and let’s see what you think.

Now, when I was in school we were supposed to use the facilities in between classes.

It always had to be a rush job, for fear we would get to our next class late. But, it was just understood — Use The Bathroom In Between Classes.

Editor’s note: Although we don’t censor our writers here at TTB, I want to make it VERY clear that I, as the owner of this blog do have strong feelings about this teacher’s policy. It’s RIDICULOUS. RIDICULOUS. Nobody has the right to tell you when to pee. I don’t know when it was decided in life that people have that right, but they do not. Kids are going to screw around in the restroom. You should call their parents if that happens too often, but at NO point should someone have to RECITE AN ANSWER TO A QUICK QUESTION TO PEE. I am livid about this.

Sure, there was that stray emergency situation that left some students doing the peepee dance in their chair during class.

Or, you know, that female problem that arose in the middle of class — always at the most inconvenient time. IYKYK.

But, in general, a student leaving to go to the bathroom might disrupt the entire flow of the classroom, and it was sometimes difficult for the teacher to get back on track.

So, I can see where some teachers might make it a little labor intensive for a student to take a break and run to the bathroom.

Side Note: I spent the longest year of my life being a substitute teacher in a middle school. It was NOT uncommon for a student to take advantage of a bathroom break in the middle of class, and then be found wandering the halls — sometimes bothering other classrooms.

There is, however, one particular teacher’s bathroom rules that have turned the world of Reddit into a near riot of comments and concerns.

This teacher has a whole list of hoops that a student must jump through to use the bathroom.

It is an 8 step process, and only after the 8th step does a student get some relief.

Teacher’s Policy For Taking A Bathroom Break

Step 1 – “Realize — that bathroom passes are intended for emergency usage only.”

Step 2 – “Request — permission to use the restroom.”

Step 3 – “Relinquish — cell phone.”

Step 4 – “Remember — the answer to the Quick Question.”

Step 5 – “Return — approximately within 8 minutes.”

Step 6 – “Recite — the answer to the Quick Question.”

Step 7 – “Retrieve — cell phone.”

Step 8 – “Realize — that excessive EMERGENCY trips to the restroom will be cause to contact parent/guardian out of concern for possible health issues.”

THEN, Step 9 — “Experience Relief.”

Now, I’m probably about to state an unpopular opinion here.

This seems like a sort of tongue-in-cheek way to get the point across that going to the bathroom is literally for emergencies only. I really do not see a problem with it.

But, according to the comments on this Reddit post, I am in the minority in my thinking.

What do you think?

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