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Teachers Were Shot “Execution Style” With Pellets During Active Shooter Training

If long hours and low pay weren’t enough to make teaching suck, enough, this active shooter training exercise at an Indiana elementary school where teachers were shot by cops as part of a drill should do the trick.

teachers shot in shooter training

Wait, what? Yeah you read that right. According to the Indy Star, the local sheriffs in Monticello, Indiana shot teachers with plastic pellets right in the back after they told them to kneel down against a wall in the back of a classroom as part of a DRILL.

teachers shot in shooter training

The teachers had NO IDEA it was coming either.

And they are more than a little upset about it.

As the teachers hid, the sheriffs said to them, “This is what happens if you just cower and do nothing!” As they shot them in the back with plastic pellets without any warning, drawing blood.

They were supposed to be getting ALICE training which teaches students and teachers to be proactive in their response to an active shooter where instead of cowering or hiding, they are supposed to rush a shooter, etc.

Actually shooting teachers is not a normal part of the training. The local sheriffs just added that in for fun, I guess.

I… don’t know what to say.

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The teachers injuries included welts and bleeding. But also, being FREAKING SHOCKED that someone actually shot at them in the middle of some run-of-the-mill inservice.

teachers shot in shooter training

Oh, and they were also told NOT to tell the other teachers what was coming. You know, because element of surprise and all.

Now, in what can only be considered the most common of common sense moves, the teachers are lobbying with lawmakers to NOT have this happen to other teachers.

teachers shot in shooter training

“What we’re looking for is just a simple statement in this bill that would prohibit the shooting of some type of projectile at staff in an active-shooter drill,” said Gail Zeheralis, director of government relations for the ISTA during testimony in support of House Bill 1004 before lawmakers Wednesday.

I mean, that seems like a pretty reasonable request. I can’t believe they are having to make it.


Saturday 23rd of March 2019

Being in a school where do we ALICE training as well, I probably would have screamed obscenities at those officers for even doing that. Even if I was prepared, I would never agree to being shot by a nerf gun. That was uncalled for and even scary for those teachers, and to have cause them injuries. Unacceptable.


Saturday 23rd of March 2019

RIGHT?!?! I think I would have LOST IT.