Teenagers Are Pretending to Cough On People In Public for A Social Media Prank and It Has To Stop

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Ok, I’m super disgusted about this. Not JUST because of the virus, but in general. This is disgusting, what is going on with our kids that they would think that this was funny at all.

Even pretending to cough, first of all, you are spreading fear. Secondly, you’re still spitting saliva into the air. A cough is a cough, faked or not.


##coughinginpublic##ihavethecoronavirus##scaringpeople ##fyp people were getting away from me lol

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We need to do better. Hold your kids accountable for the choices they make! They are putting people at risk of many illnesses all for likes on social media. Really?

An incident occurred at a local grocery store involving juveniles reportedly coughing on produce, while filming themselves and posting it on social media.

Purcellville Police Department report

Many of us are ill and have weak immune systems. Spreading your germs purposely to others is NEVER ok. EVER. I honestly think there should be harsh punishments to stop this behavior.

Punk teenagers are hitting the grocery stores, coughing all over the produce and the grocery items — filming it and posting it to YouTube. It scared the hell out of one elderly woman who was just trying to grocery shop. Why the hell aren’t these people keeping their teens home??? This is not summer vacay!

Commentor on Facebook

Kids are posting all sorts of videos on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram doing this prank they are calling the ‘Coughing in Public Prank‘.

What happens when someone actually gets violent to these kids over this “prank”?


It could potentially cause someone to get sick enough to die, all for a laugh? I mean, how is it even funny? Does anyone really see any sort of humor in this behavior?


A stark warning for young people who don’t practice social distancing. ##covid19 ##coronavirus ##coronavirusspreading ##springbreak

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This is so much worse than the girl licking the toilet. So much worse. This is gross. The people doing this need a huge wake-up call and a dose of reality. A reality that they could kill someone doing this.


Not funny at all. Shouldn’t your kids be at home right now anyhow?


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  1. The grocery store manager should take the kids, lock them into a back office, and see whether police or parents arrive first. Don’t let the kids out until the police have a talk with the parents and scare the hell out of them. Including a nice big fine and a threat that the children’s actions WILL land the parents in jail.

    Then let the parents deal with the children.

  2. I had that happen in North Olmsted two men about 25 and one coughed and sneezing arms in air and laughing

  3. I honestly have no idea what these kids are trying to accomplish, they would change their tune if someone really got sick. When I was a teen a bunch of us would sit around in this parking lot with our cars. One guy had a prank go wrong an called it Hot Seat. If you left your car an went with somewhere he would run wires from the battery to the seat. The car didn’t need to be running so as soon as you sat down the circuit was completed so you got shocked. I tried to tell him even though it was only 12 volts it could cause trouble if someone had a pacemaker. That never happened however 1 guy had his puppy an sat it on the seat it almost killed the puppy. I think the police should put these people in a jail cell with someone looking sick an see how they like it

    1. Put them behind bars for one night! Teach them about isolation.

  4. Same, if a kid does that to me, OMG, he better plan on being faceplanted. Lessons learned the hard way!

    1. Well like they say karma. If anyone would get it, it would be these idiot kids. This is not a joking matter.

    2. The police didn’t do anything to them, but if you touch them they would arrest you, it’s a shame, but it’s VA. The must have amazing parents ( not ),these days some parents just don’t give a damn what their kids do, the parents and the kids should be punished

  5. Let one of these kids cough on me around me near me or just let me see it happen if someone else I will be teaching them a lesson that their parents obviously never taught them but I will be teaching them a lesson that they will never forget for the rest of their life and I promise you that I will probably go to jail but the lesson will be taught

    1. Good for you cause i would donthe same thing. How come kid’s are so disrespectful? Awe yes cause mostly parents of todays yourg n yes im talking even abiyr my 34 yr old DAUGHTER, puts a phine in their hand at 8nto 10 yrs old. Uses tv’s at their sitters. Dont teach respect n kindness and of God. And that generation run the world. Thank god ilk be near death or dead. Ive already told daughter. Good luck LOL

  6. They’ll stop when they get the right person and they get knocked the f*** out. This is unacceptable!

  7. young people are also dying form this so i hope he gets it then he will be sorry

    1. if any one no matter what age they are kid or man. they will be going to hospital for broken bones… ?

    2. Yes. A strain was let out thru vapes. Task force george webb has alot id info

  8. You can’t abort a baby right up until it’s ready to leave the vagina.. OMG that is such an idiotic thing to say.. most drs. Won’t do abortions after 24 weeks.. n the only time they do em later is if it’s a health issue… Get your facts straight before you make dumb comments that aren’t true…

    1. Yes you can! It’s not done everywhere but in certain states in the US it does happen. I think it’s repulsive that they do it but it happens. Try using google and see what pops up before making yourself look ignorant.

  9. One account of one kid in Purcellville, MD and you make it sound as if it’s a thing just so you can earn a buck for getting your piece published? Desperado defined. Such writing would have gotten an F in college.

    1. Rick Castelli .. this is not one incident ! It is happening here in UK . It is something that really needs to be highlighted and this is one of the first media reports seen. Desperado ? Do you not think that this is important ?

  10. cough on me deliberatey u will really find out what happens give u back more than a virus

  11. The kids in Va. Should be punished for the prank of coughing on the food

  12. I promise to God if a kid walks up to me and does this I will punch him in the throat and walk away. Or if I see it happening at all.

    1. I hear you and agree! If they’d been taught at home that there would be consequences
      for their actions then things like this might not happen.
      Also, the police should press charges of “mischief.’ Against them and prosecuting attorney should request the judge sentence the little buggers to 6 months helping seniors in the community.

  13. What these kids don’t understand is if they get it, they don’t show symptoms, they don’t get sick, they just carry it and now are intentionally infecting others and they don’t even know if they have it themselves.

    Who’s gonna be the person to tell them they’re the reason it’s spreading and people are dying? Most people I see understand social distancing and staying away from people, kids don’t and they’re the ones most likely to spread it, especially with negligent parents who don’t care what their kids do (which I see way too often every day).

  14. Hey, if you can abort a baby right up until it leaves the vagina, I think post term abortions of these vile mistakes ought to be legal too.

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